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Before you click away from this page, let me be clear about something. Counseling is extremely helpful in relationships that have experienced infidelity. Why? Men typically are too "hard" to dig down and discuss their emotions. Women on the other hand are more emotionally in tune with themselves and when infidelity occurs in marriage or a relationship they tend to shut down emotionally. Especially if kids are involved, you must do the right thing for your kids - even if that ultimately ends up in divorce or separation from your significant other.

There are a variety of counseling options available to couples and families. If you have good health insurance, a good number of visits may be covered. However, if you do not have health insurance that covers marital, relationship, or family counseling, you may want to seek counseling services from church or a governmental agency. Free counseling options do exist for those that don't have insurance, so don't use the excuse that "my insurance does not cover it." It's your life. If what you had is worth fighting for, you will take the steps needed to see that it is their for you and your family tomorrow.

When you do enter counseling, you can expect one thing. The first 3-5 sessions will be about the counselor building trust. The first sessions are nothing more then simple questions and answers. As time goes on counselors understand you will open up. In most cases couples will have individual therapy sessions the first month. This gives the counselor time to establish the best course of treatment, which ultimately involves everyone opening up.

Don't fear counseling or feel weak for entering marriage, relationship, or family counseling. It takes a lot of courage to admit even partial fault in a situation. And it takes even more courage to face our own faults to preserver our marriage or relationship.

Internet Cheating
One of the greatest threats to marriages and relationships are social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites. You can prevent these websites from being used as cheating tools!
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