Cheating Signs - Signs Your Spouse or Lover is Cheating
Internet Cheating
If you thought we were going to go into detail regarding the signs of a cheating spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend, you are partially mistaken. If you feel something just is not right, you need not listen to us but instead trust your instinct. Cheaters typically have some things in common, and we will cover them here. But if you feel something is wrong, chances are you are right.

If your wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend seems to have a "disconnect" in your relationship, you should take pause. Such signals can mean that you are no longer as relevant as you were before. Most people can recognize this change, and it is a clue that something is up.

Unaccounted Time

Does your significant other have unaccounted time? If so, confront them regarding this in such a way that does not lead them to believe you are on to them. Search for information and clues you can follow up on without their knowledge. You may find this unaccounted time has led to adultery or possibly something completely innocent.

Lack of Sexual Desire
When it is time for bed, do you find your spouse or significant other lacking any desire to make love? This may mean either they have already been sexually satisfied or that you are no longer sexually significant. Once again, this is another sign that you no longer have the same relevance in satisfying your lover sexually.

Computer Usage
Do you find that your husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend are turning off the computer monitor when you enter the room or they are quickly closing windows so you don't see what they are viewing? This may be a sign they are chatting with someone that you would not approve of. Take notes and look to our Internet Cheating section if this is happening.

Cell Phone / Mobile Phone Usage
Does your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend have access to a cell phone / mobile phone? Between complete conversations and text messages, the mobile phone may be an instrument used for infidelity. If your significant other is hiding their mobile phone from you, or strange calls are coming in late, this may be a cheating sign. Also be concerned if your significant other frequently leaves the room when a call comes in. If he or she is is looking for privacy, that's a sign that something is going on or he or she is planning a surprise party for you. Be alert of all the signs of a cheater!

Internet Cheating
One of the greatest threats to marriages and relationships are social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites. You can prevent these websites from being used as cheating tools!
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