Catch a Cheating Spouse, Boyfriend, or Girlfriend
Internet Cheating
It's your life, so take control of it! You can quickly discover whether a spouse is cheating, and these simple techniques do not involve smelling underwear or anything so extreme. Without any further delay, let's get to the basics on how to catch a cheating spouse or lover.

Please note that many of the methods listed here to catch a cheating loved one may be restricted by local, state, and or federal laws. You are responsible for your own actions and the research required to make sure you are operating within the law. In the case of a cheating spouse, using such methods can actually strengthen the cheaters divorce case.

Monitor Computer Activity
First and foremost would be to monitor your computer's activity. There are many software titles available that do this. This will let you know if any internet cheating is going on or quickies being scheduled online. Most software of this nature will log everything, including instant messaging, E-mail, websites visited, even keystrokes (including passwords).

Dig Into The Bills
If you want to catch a cheater, you must understand that cheating does have its expenses. Hotels, meals, clothing, etc., may be purchased to further the cause of the cheater. Find records of the bills, if you can legally do so, and look for anything that is suspicious.

Cell / Mobile Phone Usage
Try to get a detailed accounting of all calls and text messages sent and received. This is especially useful to find out precisely who the person is that has stepped into your relationship.

Bug Your Own Phone
Yes, you can bug your own phone if you and your significant other live together and share the same land line. Devices exist that offer full two way recording and dual caller id (inbound and outbound caller id).

Record Room Activity
Think you bed is being used by a cheating spouse while you are away? Well, you can use even a simple voice activated micro cassette recorder to monitor room activity while you are away. Finding a place to hide it is a different story, but it can be done.

These are some general tips you can consider if you are trying to catch a cheating spouse or lover. Before you embark on such an effort, make sure you are legally allowed to use any technique to catch a cheater.

Internet Cheating
One of the greatest threats to marriages and relationships are social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites. You can prevent these websites from being used as cheating tools!
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